Coral PDC UK Open Pencil

Date: 3-5 Mar 2017; Venue: Butlins Resort, Minehead, England; Type: Ranking; Notes: See also results (127)
Final Pencil
Scotland Peter Wright (a) 11-6 Wales Gerwyn Price (a) Head to head  Pencil
Semifinals Pencil
Random draw.
Scotland Peter Wright (a) 11-5 Northern Ireland Daryl Gurney (a) Head to head  Pencil
Wales Gerwyn Price (a) 11-9 England Alan Norris (a)    Pencil
Quarterfinals Pencil
Random draw.
England Alan Norris (a) 10-9 Belgium Kim Huybrechts (a) Head to head  Pencil
Wales Gerwyn Price (a) 10-9 England Ian White (a)    Pencil
Northern Ireland Daryl Gurney (a) 10-9 Australia Simon Whitlock (a) Head to head  Pencil
Scotland Peter Wright (a) 10-8 Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld (a) Head to head  Pencil
Round 5 Pencil
(Last 16)
Random draw.
1 Wales Gerwyn Price (a) 10-6 England Paul Hogan (a)    Pencil
2 Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld (a) 10-7 England Alan Tabern (a)    Pencil
3 England Ian White (a) 10-3 England Martin Lukeman (a)    Pencil
4 England Alan Norris (a) 10-6 England Michael Smith (a)    Pencil
5 Belgium Kim Huybrechts (a) 10-9 England Joe Cullen (a)    Pencil
6 Australia Simon Whitlock (a) 10-7 Ireland William O'Connor (a)    Pencil
7 Northern Ireland Daryl Gurney (a) 10-5 Netherlands Vincent van der Voort (a)    Pencil
8 Scotland Peter Wright (a) 10-6 England Rob Cross (a)    Pencil
Round 4 Pencil
(Last 32)
Random draw.
1 England Alan Norris (a) 10-5 Netherlands Benito van de Pas (a)    Pencil
2 Netherlands Vincent van der Voort (a) 10-9 Netherlands Jelle Klaasen (a)    Pencil
3 Scotland Peter Wright (a) 10-5 England Dave Chisnall (a) Head to head  Pencil
4 England Martin Lukeman (a) 10-5 England Chris Dobey (a)    Pencil
5 Wales Gerwyn Price (a) 10-4 England David Pallett (a)    Pencil
6 Belgium Kim Huybrechts (a) 10-1 England Ted Evetts (a)    Pencil
7 Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld (a) 10-3 Netherlands Ron Meulenkamp (a)    Pencil
8 England Alan Tabern (a) 10-6 Greece John Michael (a)    Pencil
9 Australia Simon Whitlock (a) 10-6 Netherlands Dirk van Duijvenbode (a)    Pencil
10 England Rob Cross (a) 10-5 England Ryan Searle (a)    Pencil
11 England Paul Hogan (a) 10-6 England Adrian Lewis (a)    Pencil
12 England Michael Smith (a) 10-8 Netherlands Jermaine Wattimena (a)    Pencil
13 England Joe Cullen (a) 10-5 Spain Cristo Reyes (a)    Pencil
14 Ireland William O'Connor (a) 10-6 England Ronnie Baxter (a)    Pencil
15 Northern Ireland Daryl Gurney (a) 10-3 Wales Mark Webster (a)    Pencil
16 England Ian White (a) 10-7 England Kirk Shepherd (a)    Pencil
Round 3 Pencil
(Last 64)
Players 1-32 in the UK Open Order of Merit starting in this round.
Random draw.
1 Ireland William O'Connor (a) 10-3 England Mick Todd (a)    Pencil
2 England Alan Norris (a) 10-2 Netherlands Yordi Meeuwisse (a)    Pencil
3 Belgium Kim Huybrechts (a) 10-8 England Brian Woods (a)    Pencil
4 Wales Mark Webster (a) 10-9 England Ross Twell (a)    Pencil
5 Netherlands Jermaine Wattimena (a) 10-7 Australia Kyle Anderson (a)    Pencil
6 England Chris Dobey (a) 10-8 England Kevin Painter (a)    Pencil
7 Northern Ireland Daryl Gurney (a) 10-2 England Alex Roy (a)    Pencil
8 England Martin Lukeman (a) 10-9 England Rob Hewson (a)    Pencil
9 England Paul Hogan (a) 10-9 Scotland Gary Anderson (a)    Pencil
10 Wales Gerwyn Price (a) 10-5 England Justin Pipe (a)    Pencil
11 Netherlands Vincent van der Voort (a) 10-4 Belgium Ronny Huybrechts (a)    Pencil
12 England Kirk Shepherd (a) 10-8 England Wayne Jones (a)    Pencil
13 Netherlands Ron Meulenkamp (a) 10-7 England Ricky Evans (a)    Pencil
14 Netherlands Dirk van Duijvenbode (a) 10-5 Netherlands Christian Kist (a)    Pencil
15 England Michael Smith (a) 10-4 Scotland John Henderson (a)    Pencil
16 Netherlands Raymond van Barneveld (a) 10-6 Wales Barrie Bates (a)    Pencil
17 England Ronnie Baxter (a) 10-8 England Darren Webster (a)    Pencil
18 Scotland Peter Wright (a) 10-3 England James Richardson (a)    Pencil
19 England Alan Tabern (a) 10-7 England Mervyn King (a)    Pencil
20 England Joe Cullen (a) 10-2 Scotland Robert Thornton (a)    Pencil
21 England Dave Chisnall (a) 10-4 England Jamie Caven (a)    Pencil
22 Australia Simon Whitlock (a) 10-2 England Chris Quantock (a)    Pencil
23 Netherlands Jelle Klaasen (a) 10-7 Wales Jonny Clayton (a)    Pencil
24 Greece John Michael (a) 10-9 England Brendan Dolan (a)    Pencil
25 Netherlands Benito van de Pas (a) 10-6 England Matthew Dennant (a)    Pencil
26 England Ryan Searle (a) 10-7 Ireland Mick McGowan (a)    Pencil
27 England David Pallett (a) 10-6 England Steve Beaton (a)    Pencil
28 England Ted Evetts (a) 10-5 England Andrew Gilding (a)    Pencil
29 England Adrian Lewis (a) 10-8 England James Wade (a) Head to head  Pencil
30 England Ian White (a) 10-2 England Paul Barham (a)    Pencil
31 England Rob Cross (a) 10-5 England Johnny Haines (a)    Pencil
32 Spain Cristo Reyes (a) w/o Netherlands Michael van Gerwen (a)    Pencil

Michael van Gerwen withdrew due to the back injury

Round 2 Pencil
(Last 96)
Players 33-64 in the UK Open Order of Merit starting in this round.
Random draw.
1 England Paul Hogan (a) 6-4 Wales Jamie Lewis (a)    Pencil
2 Northern Ireland Daryl Gurney (a) 6-3 England Ryan Palmer (a)    Pencil
3 Netherlands Jermaine Wattimena (a) 6-2 South Africa Devon Petersen (a)    Pencil
4 England Ted Evetts (a) 6-3 England Paul Milford (a)    Pencil
5 England Brian Woods (a) 6-4 England Tony Newell (a)    Pencil
6 England Jamie Caven (a) 6-0 England Ben Green (a)    Pencil
7 Netherlands Vincent van der Voort (a) 6-5 England James Wilson (a)    Pencil
8 England David Pallett (a) 6-4 England Andy Jenkins (a)    Pencil
9 England Ross Twell (a) 6-4 England Joe Davis (a)    Pencil
10 England Kirk Shepherd (a) 6-3 Scotland Mark Barilli (a)    Pencil
11 England Wayne Jones (a) 6-2 England Terry Jenkins (a)    Pencil
12 Wales Mark Webster (a) 6-2 England Stephen Bunting (a)    Pencil
13 England Alex Roy (a) 6-4 England Dave Parletti (a)    Pencil
14 Wales Jonny Clayton (a) 6-3 England Mark Frost (a)    Pencil
15 Ireland Mick McGowan (a) 6-4 Wales Dean Reynolds (a)    Pencil
16 Netherlands Dirk van Duijvenbode (a) 6-4 England Stuart Kellett (a)    Pencil
17 England Paul Barham (a) 6-5 England Scott Taylor (a)    Pencil
18 Netherlands Ron Meulenkamp (a) 6-4 England Lee Evans (a)    Pencil
19 England Rob Hewson (a) 6-5 Netherlands Jan Dekker (a)    Pencil
20 England Matthew Dennant (a) 6-4 Austria Zoran Lerchbacher (a)    Pencil
21 England Alan Tabern (a) 6-3 England James Carroll (a)    Pencil
22 Netherlands Yordi Meeuwisse (a) 6-4 Wales Jonathan Worsley (a)    Pencil
23 England Justin Pipe (a) 6-0 England Ryan Meikle (a)    Pencil
24 Ireland William O'Connor (a) 6-2 Ireland Steve Lennon (a)    Pencil
25 England Martin Lukeman (a) 6-5 England Matt Padgett (a)    Pencil
26 Greece John Michael (a) 6-5 England Peter Hudson (a)    Pencil
27 England James Richardson (a) 6-1 England Neil Smith (a)    Pencil
28 England Andrew Gilding (a) 6-4 Scotland Ryan Murray (a)    Pencil
29 England Ronnie Baxter (a) 6-3 England Richard North (a)    Pencil
30 Scotland Robert Thornton (a) 6-0 England Kevin Bambrick (a)    Pencil
31 Wales Barrie Bates (a) 6-3 Netherlands Jeffrey de Graaf (a)    Pencil
32 England Johnny Haines (a) 6-3 England Darren Johnson (a)    Pencil
Round 1 Pencil
(Last 128)
Players 65-96 in the UK Open Order of Merit and 32 Riley Qualifiers starting in this round
Random draw.
1 Scotland Ryan Murray (a) 6-5 England John Ferrell (a)    Pencil
2 England Johnny Haines (a) 6-0 England Wayne Morris (a)    Pencil
3 England Rob Hewson (a) 6-4 England Ritchie Edhouse (a)    Pencil
4 England Paul Hogan (a) 6-3 England Keegan Brown (a)    Pencil
5 England Mark Frost (a) 6-4 Scotland Jamie Bain (a)    Pencil
6 England James Carroll (a) 6-3 England Brandon Walsh (a)    Pencil
7 England Darren Johnson (a) 6-5 Netherlands Jeffrey de Zwaan (a)    Pencil
8 England James Richardson (a) 6-4 Spain Antonio Alcinas (a)    Pencil
9 Netherlands Yordi Meeuwisse (a) 6-4 England Martin Biggs (a)    Pencil
10 England Tony Newell (a) 6-4 Wales Mark Layton (a)    Pencil
11 England Ronnie Baxter (a) 6-5 England Paul Rowley (a)    Pencil
12 Netherlands Jermaine Wattimena (a) 6-1 Hong Kong Kai Fan Leung (a)    Pencil
13 England Ben Green (a) 6-4 England Darryl Pilgrim (a)    Pencil
14 Wales Dean Reynolds (a) 6-2 England Andy Roberts (a)    Pencil
15 England Brian Woods (a) 6-3 England Damian Smith (a)    Pencil
16 England Ryan Meikle (a) 6-3 Netherlands Vincent Kamphuis (a)    Pencil
17 England Alan Tabern (a) 6-4 England Scott Robertson (a)    Pencil
18 England Jamie Caven (a) 6-3 England Dan Read (a)    Pencil
19 England Joe Davis (a) 6-2 England Paul Harvey (a)    Pencil
20 England Wayne Jones (a) 6-5 England Lee Bryant (a)    Pencil
21 England Paul Barham (a) 6-4 England Brett Claydon (a)    Pencil
22 England Alex Roy (a) 6-1 England Kevin Edwards (a)    Pencil
23 England James Wilson (a) 6-4 England Gary Eastwood (a)    Pencil
24 Netherlands Ron Meulenkamp (a) 6-1 Hong Kong Royden Lam (a)    Pencil
25 England Paul Milford (a) 6-3 England Brian Dawson (a)    Pencil
26 England Matt Padgett (a) 6-2 England Paul Cartwright (a)    Pencil
27 Wales Jonny Clayton (a) 6-1 Scotland Jimmy McKirdy (a)    Pencil
28 England Kevin Bambrick (a) 6-5 England Nicky Bell (a)    Pencil
29 England Lee Evans (a) 6-5 Scotland Andrew Davidson (a)    Pencil
30 Wales Jonathan Worsley (a) 6-4 England Dave Prins (a)    Pencil
31 England Neil Smith (a) 6-4 England Steve Maish (a)    Pencil
32 England Dave Parletti (a) 6-2 Wales Gareth Pass (a)    Pencil

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